Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pro/Engineer Tutorial Creating 3D PCB

The tutorial guide to create 3D PCD in pro/engineer software, 1. Gather the ECAD Data and locate specifications for each component on the PCB. Create or identify a matching 3D Pro/Engineer model for every ECAD component. 3D component models in Pro/Engineer. Each component must have the identical coordinate system location and orientation when compared to the ECAD Geometry. To maximize reuse of Mechanical Models, set up your ECAD Design Software to output a package type as the ecad_name and either an internal corporate part number or a vendor part number as the ecad_alt_name. Do not set up your ECAD IDF output to use identical ecad and ecad_alt names. Matching 3D components to existing ECAD Geometries, The Simplified Solutions Library of Components follows IPC-7351 with respect to component orientation. Pin 1 is in the upper left hand corner. For surface mount components, the coordinate system is through the geometric center of the component, while for thru-hole parts, the coordinate system is through the center of pin 1.

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