Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 A Tutorial-based Guide

Getting started wit Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0, contain information about : Pro/ENGINEER Concepts, Pro/E Basic Design Modes When you bring a design from conception to completion in Pro/E, you pass the design information through three basic design steps: • Creating the component parts of the design • Joining the parts in an assembly that records the relative positions of the parts • Creating mechanical drawings based on the information in the parts and the assembly, Assembly Mode, Assembly in an exploded view. Learning the Pro/E Interface. Navigating Pro/E, Managing Files, Datum and Axis Display, Selection Filters, Part Design Basics, Datums, Axes, and Coordinate Systems, The Sketcher is best described as a submode of Part mode. You could regard it as a 2D drafting board within the 3D environment. You will use it to create most of the geometric shapes you use in a part. Associative
details that you build into a sketch, or section, such as geometric constraints or relations between dimensions act as a foundation for all other additions and edits to follow. The basis of Sketcher geometry tools are the line, circle, and arc creation functions common to most drawing programs. Going from Sketch to 3D, Redefining Features, Making a Block: The Sketcher Setup Sequence, Modeling the Cell Phone, Sketch the Lens Protrusion. Step by step tutorial guide for Modeling Cell Phone.
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